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About Veteran Technology Group

Found by Veteran’s in 2009 Veteran Technology Group is a research and development company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) applications for troubleshooting. Our customers are the US Military and Military Manufacturers.  VTG looks to provide the next generation tools to help soldiers survive in combat situations.

Our Mission Objectives

To change the military sustainment paradigm by applying artificial intelligence to equipment diagnostics and interactive electronic technical manuals.  We feel soldiers should always have the best tools available to keep critical systems operational in combat situations.

“Making Soldiers into Experts”.


Veteran Technology Group LLC named Franz Edelman Academy member 2016

Each year, a limited number of organizations are inducted as members of the Franz Edelman Academy. The membership of the Academy spans 37 years of extraordinary contribution to society through the innovative application of analytical decision making in business. It is fitting that we recognize these organizations that have been instrumental in helping their organizations save lives, improve transportation safety, create new products and services, and increase effectiveness of operations of all kinds

Michael Grimes named Franz Edelman Laureate for 2016

Laureates are recognized for their significant contribution to work that is selected as representative of the best applications of analytical decision making in the world.

World’s Best Analytics Teams Selected for 2016 INFORMS Franz Edelman Award Competition

U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) for “Bayesian Networks for U.S. Army Electronics Equipment Diagnostic Applications: CECOM Equipment Diagnostic Analysis Tool, Virtual Logistics Assistance Representative”



Finalists in Excellence in Innovation: https://www.actiac.org/2014-excellencegov-award-winners-finalists

Pilots and Start-up Projects: CEDAT (CECOM Equipment Diagnostic Analysis Tool) VLAR (Virtual Logistic Assistance Representative)