Veteran Technology Group Inducted into INFORMS Franz Edelman Academy

Michael Grimes, Founder, Veteran Technology Group and Senior Project Manager for American Trade School and the US Army’s CEDAT VLAR project received the Academy Award at the INFORMS Franz Edelman Gala on April 11, 2016.

“I am honored to receive this on behalf of Veteran Technology Group and look forward to helping promote the cause of AI and decision-making solutions around the world”

Each year, a limited number of organizations are inducted as members of the Franz Edelman Academy. The membership of the Academy spans 45 years of extraordinary contribution to society through the innovative application of analytical decision making in business. It is fitting that we recognize these organizations that have been instrumental in helping their organizations save lives, improve transportation safety, create new products and services, and increase effectiveness of operations of all kinds.

Members of the Academy, inducted each year at the Edelman Gala, include the primary client organization, or beneficiary of the finalist work, along with other organizations that have played a major role in the work such as the organization who supplied the professionals who did the majority of the analytical work.

Franz Edelman Academy members perform an immeasurable service to the profession by serving as role models for other organizations who wish to also exemplify that challenges can be faced successfully and opportunities for improvement can be found in every organization through the innovative application of analytics.

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